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  3. Just wanted to say your Blog is in my rss you got a way with words.. Cheers,

    • Evgeny says:

      I remember when I had patti paertis and when I had the knot in my throat .. the list could go on. There’s a little girl in our special needs class.. she couldn’t talk or interact with others. Just this past Sunday, I saw her clapping and suddenly this broken, beautiful word ., J E SUS! came out of her mouth and all of us paused to praise God. We had been praying for her for weeks.The power of prayer . God’s grace us allowed to talk to Him I think you wrote a song on how He split the temple sheet that separated us from Him so we can speak to Him I love times when for a brief moment God reminds me that He is in control. Having daily conversations with Him, most times it doesn’t even seem like prayer. Just a conversation with my Daddy, God! :)

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