London flats

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  1. Priyansu says:

    Oh Shelly do I ever know how you feel! So often praying for sothneimg is just one of those things where we can say here God fix it! or ok God, I know I’m supposed to ask and if you want to would you mind maybe taking a look at it? . I know I’ve prayed both those ways several times!To me the thing that encourages me most about prayer is when I sit back and realize that it isn’t about the thing or situation I’m praying about, but that praise be to His grand design that He allows a sinner like me to talk to Him that He wants to hear my desires, my concerns, my burdens, and my joys.It is hard for me to remember that it isn’t just about taking things before the Lord it is about the opportunity to come before the Lord and be in His presence. Prayer is just another form of worship.

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