Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers Andrew and Karen Suderman live in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and head up the Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA). Devoted to Anabaptist values of communication, fellowship, reconciliation, and community, the Sudermans are involved with a variety of churches and denominations, and have been forging a path towards greater understanding between people often still segregated by strong cultural, religious, and racial boundaries. One way to get a look into their work and participation in life in South Africa is their highly readable e-zine.

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If you’re interested in the work which Andrew and Karen are doing (there’s far more than we’ve described here, including various inter-denominational dialogues and conferences across South Africa, and a library which Karen is establishing in Pietermaritzburg), feel free to contact us ( or Andrew and Karen themselves (

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If existing trees lack cavities

Fox squirrel

Individuals tend to be smaller in the west. There are three distinct geographical phases in coloration: In most areas the animals buy canada goose jacket upper body is brown grey to brown yellow with a typically brownish orange underside, while in eastern regions such as the Appalachians there are more strikingly patterned dark brown and canada goose clearance sale black squirrels with white bands on the face and tail. In the south can be found isolated communities with uniform black coats. To help with climbing, they have sharp claws, developed extensors of digits and flexors of forearms, and abdominal musculature.[5] Fox squirrels have excellent vision and well developed senses of hearing and smell. They use scent marking to communicate with other fox squirrels.[5] “Fox squirrels also have several sets of vibrissae, thick hairs or whiskers that are used as touch receptors to sense the Canada Goose online environment. These are found above and below their eyes, on their chin and nose, and on each forearm.”[5] The dental formula of S. They are absent (except for vagrants) in New England, New Jersey, most of New York, as well as northern and eastern Pennsylvania. They have been Canada Goose Online introduced to both northern and southern California,[7] canada goose coats Oregon,[8] Idaho,[9] Montana,[9] Washington,[9] and New Mexico.[9] While very versatile in their habitat choices, fox squirrels are most often found in forest canada goose coats on sale patches of 40 hectares or less with an open understory, or in urban neighborhoods with trees. They thrive best among oak, hickory, walnut, and pines, storing their nuts for winter. Western range extensions in Great Plains regions such as Kansas are associated with riverine corridors of cottonwood. A subspecies native to several eastern US states is the Delmarva fox squirrel (S. n. cinereus).[4]Fox squirrels are most abundant in open forest stands with little understory vegetation; they are not found canada goose outlet toronto factory in stands with dense undergrowth. Ideal habitat is small stands of large trees interspersed with agricultural land.[10] The size and spacing of pines and oaks are among canada goose replica the important features of fox squirrel habitat. The actual species of pines and oaks themselves may not always be a major consideration in defining fox squirrel habitat.[4] Fox squirrels are often observed foraging on the ground several hundred meters from the nearest woodlot. Fox squirrels also commonly occupy forest edge habitat.[11]

Fox squirrels have two types of shelters: leaf nests (dreys) and tree dens. They may have two tree cavity homes or a tree cavity and a leaf Canada Goose Jackets nest. Tree dens are preferred over leaf nests during the winter and for raising young. When den trees are scarce, leaf nests are used year round.[12][13] Leaf nests are built during the summer months in forks of deciduous trees about 30 feet (9 m) above the ground. of 12 inches (30 or more.[10] Dens are usually 6 inches (15 wide and 14 16 inches (36 41 inches deep. Den openings are generally circular and about 2.9 to 3.7 inches (7.4 to 9.4 Fox squirrels may make their own den in a hollow tree by cutting through the interior; however, they generally use natural cavities or cavities created by northern flickers (Colaptes auratus) or red headed woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus). Crow nests have also been used by fox squirrels.[13]

Fox squirrels use leaf nests or tree cavities for shelter and litter rearing.[10] Forest stands dominated by mature to over mature trees provide cavities and a sufficient number of sites for leaf nests to meet the canada goose cover requirements. of 15 inches (38 or more generally provide adequate cover and reproductive habitat. Optimum tree canopy closure for fox squirrels is from 20% to 60%. Optimum conditions understory closure occur when the shrub crown closure is 30% or less.[10]

Fox squirrels are tolerant of human proximity, and even thrive in crowded urban and suburban environments. They exploit human habitations for sources of food and nesting sites, being as happy nesting in an attic as they are in a hollow tree.[14]

Food habits of fox squirrels depend largely on geographic location.[15] In general, fox squirrel foods include mast, tree buds, insects, tubers, bulbs, roots, bird eggs, seeds of pines and spring fruiting trees, and fungi. Agricultural crops such as corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, and fruit are also eaten.[4][10][13][15] Mast eaten by fox squirrels commonly includes turkey oak (Quercus laevis), southern red oak (Quercus falcata), blackjack oak (Quercus marilandica), bluejack oak (Quercus incana), post oak (Quercus stellata), and live oak (Quercus virginiana).[4]

In Illinois, fox squirrels rely heavily on hickories from late August through September. Pecans, black walnuts (Juglans nigra), osage orange (Maclura pomifera) fruits, and corn are also important fall foods. In early spring, elm buds and seeds are the most important food. In May and June, mulberries (Morus spp.) are heavily used. By early summer, corn in the milk stage becomes a primary food.[15]

During the winter in Kansas, osage orange is a staple item supplemented with seeds of the Kentucky coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) and honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), corn, wheat, eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides var. deltoides) bark, ash seeds, and eastern red cedar Canada Goose Coats On Sale (Juniperus virginiana) berries. In the spring, fox squirrels feed primarily on 2018 canada goose outlet buds of elm, maple, and oaks but also on newly sprouting leaves and insect larvae.[15]

Fox squirrels in Ohio prefer hickory nuts, acorns, corn, and black walnuts. The squirrels are absent where two or more of these mast trees are missing. Fox squirrels also eat buckeyes, seeds canada goose clearance and buds of maple and elm, hazelnuts (Corylus spp.), blackberries (Rubus spp.), and tree bark. In March, they feed mainly on buds and seeds of elm, maple, and willow. In Ohio, eastern fox squirrels have the following order of food preference: white oak (Quercus alba) acorns, black oak (Quercus velutina) acorns, red oak (Quercus rubra) acorns, walnuts, and corn.[15]

In eastern Texas, fox squirrels prefer the acorns of bluejack oak, pecans, southern red oak (Q. falcata), and overcup oak (Q. lyrata). The least preferred foods are acorns of swamp chestnut oak (Q. michauxii) and overcup oak. In California, fox squirrels feed on English walnuts (J. regia), oranges, avocados, strawberries, and tomatoes. In midwinter, they feed on eucalyptus seeds.[15]

In Michigan, fox squirrels feed on a variety of foods throughout the year. Spring foods are mainly tree buds and flowers, insects, bird eggs, and seeds of red maple (Acer rubrum), silver maple canadian goose jacket (Acer saccharinum), and elms. Summer foods include a variety of berries, plum and cherry pits, fruits of basswood (Tilia americana), fruits of box elder (Acer negundo), black oak acorns, hickory nuts, seeds of sugar (Acer saccharum) and black maple (Acer nigrum), grains, insects, and unripe corn. Fall foods consist mainly of acorns, hickory nuts, beechnuts, walnuts, butternuts (Juglans cinerea), and hazelnuts. Caches of acorns and hickory nuts are heavily used in winter.[15]Fox squirrels are strictly diurnal, non territorial, and spend more of their time on the ground than most other tree squirrels. They are still, however, agile climbers. They construct two types of homes called “dreys”, depending on the season. Summer dreys are often little more than platforms of sticks high in the branches of trees, while winter dens are usually hollowed out of Canada Goose Outlet tree trunks by a succession of occupants over as many as 30 years. Cohabitation of these dens is not uncommon, particularly among breeding pairs.

Fox squirrels will form caches by burying food items for later consumption.[16] They like to store foods that are shelled and high in fat, such as acorns and nuts. Shelled foods are favored because they are less likely to spoil than non shelled foods, and fatty foods are valued for their high energy density.[17][18]

They are not particularly gregarious or playful, in fact they have been described as solitary and asocial creatures, coming together only in breeding season.[19] They have a large vocabulary, consisting most notably of an assortment of clucking and chucking sounds, not unlike some “game” birds, and they warn the listening world of approaching threats with distress screams. In the spring and fall, groups of fox squirrels clucking and chucking together can make a small ruckus. They also make high pitched whines during mating. When threatening another fox squirrel, they will stand upright with their tail over their back and flick it.[5]

They are impressive jumpers, Canada Goose sale easily spanning fifteen feet in horizontal leaps and free falling twenty feet or more to a soft landing on a limb or trunk.

Female fox squirrels come into estrus in mid December or early January then again in June. They normally produce two litters a year, however, yearling females may only produce one.[15] Females become sexually mature at 10 to 11 months of age and usually produce their first litter when they are a year old.[15]

Gestation occurs canada goose deals over a period of 44 to 45 days. Earliest litters appear in late January; most births occur in mid March and July. The average litter size is three, but can vary canada goose outlet store locations according to season and food conditions.[15]

Tree Canada Goose Parka cavities, cheap Canada Goose usually those formed by woodpeckers, are remodeled to winter dens and often serve as nurseries for late winter litters. If existing trees lack cavities, leaf nests known as dreys are built by cutting twigs with leaves and weaving them into warm, waterproof shelters. Similar leafy platforms are built for summer litters and are often referred to as “cooling beds.”[20]

Tree squirrels develop slowly compared to other rodents. At birth, the young are blind, canada goose outlet sale without fur and helpless. Eyes open at 4 to 5 weeks of age and ears open at 6 weeks. Eastern fox squirrels are weaned between 12 and 14 weeks but may not be self supporting until 16 weeks.[13][15] Juveniles usually disperse in September or October, but may den either together or with their mother during their first winter.[12]

In captivity, fox squirrels have been known to live 18 years, but in the wild most fox squirrels die before they become adults.[5] Their maximum life expectancy is typically 12.6 years for females and 8.6 years for males. Because of overhunting and the destruction of mature forests, many subspecies of fox squirrel (the Delmarva fox squirrel for example) are endangered.[5] Another major cause of fox squirrel population decline is mange mite (Cnemidoptes sp.) along with severe winter weather.[15]

Relatively few natural predators can regularly capture adult fox squirrels. Of these predators, most only take fox squirrels opportunistically.[4] Fox squirrel predators include: bobcats (Felis rufus), foxes (Vulpes spp. and Urocyon spp.), red tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis), red shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus), great horned owls (Bubo virginianus), barred owls (Strix varia), and dogs (Canis lupus familiaris).[4][12][15] Nestlings and young fox squirrels are particularly canada goose black friday sale vulnerable to climbing predators such as raccoons (Procyon lotor), opossums (Didelphis virginiana), rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta), and pine snakes (Pituophis melanoleucus). In those states where fox squirrels are not protected, they are considered a game animal.[4] Fox squirrels were an important source of meat for European settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries. They are still hunted over most of their range, buy canada goose jacket cheap typically more for trophies than for food.[4] Overhunting has been reported from small woodlots and public shooting areas in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.[15]

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If You Build It…

If You Build It…

When entering Bontleng, Gaborone from the south-easternmost road you find yourself passing the tall grass, wrought-iron covers, and headstones of a large cemetery. As the road curves to the left around the nearby Zion Christian Church compound, just before the three bars on the right with their stacks of bottle crates, you find an open, dusty plot of land crisscrossed by a steady stream of pedestrians. On maps it’s marked as a greenspace, although it’s decidedly brown. Industrious entrepreneurs have set up competing carwashes on its perimeter, where you can get your vehicle washed by hand and bucket, and swept and polished, for a reasonable P45 ($5.50), though you need to be careful as you drive out not to kick up dust and sully their work. A middle-aged gentleman sits beside his wheelchair in the far corner of the space under a drooping stretch of shade netting, mending shoes.

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A Wait-a-Bit tree nearer the middle of the property finds a shack housing a barber, while local men sit and converse outside in the shade.

Residents in the adjacent and nearby houses have told us that there was recently a stabbing in this park as two men fought behind the bars one night. Many locals have been robbed of their cellphones and money while crossing through the area at night, the darkness hiding their assailants who wait for the inevitable foot traffic. Most troublingly of all, the neighbors claim that the remains of a child was found near there in an abandoned car a few years back, abductions of children for the use of the sangoma (traditional doctors) not being unheard of as certain politicians seek extra good luck during election season.(1) Futsal Before Slide Smaller

Day and night, children love to play on the metal playground equipment, placed haphazardly around many decades prior. But every single swing is broken, with a few chains left hanging at awkward lengths, the jungle gym teeters dangerously with some of its legs rusted off near the base, and a few bent from some incautious driver. The slides are rusted out with gaping and jagged holes, and can’t be used except to scramble up and down, which the children do each day, still wearing their blue and grey uniforms as they pause for some fun between school and home.

As the children grow into youths, the playground loses its entertainment appeal and the focus shifts to the bars. The action of the neighborhood occurs there from Thursday night to Sunday night every week, and it draws crowds of all ages. The recent stabbing was not an isolated incident, and neither are the frequent thefts and assaults which happen both to and by patrons of these facilities.

Bontleng, incidentally, is Setswana for ‘Place of Beauty’.

Recently, we began in earnest a project in this greenspace which is almost two years in the making. When we were initially wrestling with the immigration department for our residence permits and were unable to begin our ministry, the two of us spent time daydreaming. One thing which caught our attention was the many overgrown, broken glass and graffiti filled greenspaces such as this one, largely unused save for questionable activities by misled characters. We began to envision ways that these places could be transformed, and the possibilities seemed endless. We measured some areas, wrote up some proposals, made some sketches, got to know some people at Gaborone City Council and City Planning, and officially asked to be able to be granted the use of some land. Soon after, we received our permits and were off and running with our youth and young adults in our Bible studies and community service projects, playing soccer together, sharing meals, and growing as a community of believers from various churches, as well as from outside the walls of the churches. In the meantime, the slow wheels of government were apparently still turning, as almost a year later we received notice that we were welcome to make use of this sketchy park in the middle of the Place of Beauty.

With our youth, we have been spending time learning from Jesus that God’s word is there for us to know and love. And in learning to know and love his word, we’ve been exploring the ways to enact what we’re shown, which is creative, loving, unexpected, un-expecting service of each other. The park in Bontleng has been the latest way in which our group is attempting to do that. Given the love for football (let’s refer to it as football, at the risk of being pretentious) among our group and throughout our churches, as well as among pretty much everyone in Botswana, as well as the lack of facilities for people, especially children and youth, we thought we’d start there. There isn’t really any football development in the country, though on any given day of the week there are people of all ages playing in alleyways, on streets, on hard-packed dirty fields and everywhere in between. So, we thought, why not initiate a project to give children a safe place of focus, which can also be used by youth who might otherwise be drawn towards the bars, as well as giving adults a place to be that doesn’t necessitate drinking to be a part of the action.

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Dusty Soccer SmallerThe two of us, along with a group of our young adults from Spiritual Healing Church, as well as some youth from the surrounding area, are building Botswana’s first futsal court. Futsal is 5-a-side football, and is played in many of the best football nations. Fast-paced, skill developing, easy to participate and fun to watch, futsal is played on a surface about the same size as a basketball court (we’re hoping to use a hard synthetic surface which will be safe, but will also last for decades []). Our team is also rebuilding the children’s beloved playground, recycling, repairing and repainting the pieces which can be salvaged, and building new structures of our own designs (currently, we’ve used a backhoe to rip out all of the broken equipment and have not yet been able to replace it, and the children are not our biggest fans). Beneath a tree beside the court and the playground we’re installing a brick patio and the traditionally-styled semicircular log fencing of a kgotla, a traditional place of meeting for elders, as well as crafting our own homemade Muskoka chairs from the wood recycled from old skids to arrange around it. We’re trying to garner donations of hardy trees to beautify the space and create shade, as well as concrete bus shelters for team benches. Around the fenced-in futsal court (both to keep in the footballs and keep out the vandals), we will be placing stadium lighting (we’re hoping we can get solar panels donated to power them, since we get well over 300 days of intense sun annually), which will also light up the surrounding park at night and make it a safer environment.TLB near Playground Smaller

There are a number of other concepts which our team has come up with for making the whole place interactive and profitable for the community, including using it as a recycling centre (rare in Gaborone) to generate income for maintenance and security, or attracting local small businesses (carpenters making small furniture of recycled wood, locally made t-shirts and hoodies, food vendors, crafts, etc.) by building little stalls and fixing up the ones already in use by our friends the cobbler, the barber, and the carwashers.

Former English Premier League football player Peter Butler is the new coach of Botswana’s beloved and unsuccessful national football squad, the Diamond Zebras (think Toronto Maple Leafs of international African football). Butler is already a Botswana favorite as he’s helped to reshape the Zebras from a losing defensive-minded squad into a winning, attacking team (at Zebras games, the signs by the fans feature Butler, rather than the players, and when they score the crowd can be heard loudly extolling his virtues: “Eish, what a goal! That Butler…!”). Coach Butler, a huge proponent of community service and grassroots football development, has expressed his support for this project, and gave us his official endorsement to show to the businesses which we are approaching for sponsorships. He’s also stated his intention to bring out the national team for the eventual launching event. Even better, he is interested in helping to provide the football development for the program we intend establish for kids and youth once the court is in place.

If things work well, our hope is that this entire project may be replicated in communities throughout the city, and that we will be able to empower and inspire other youth from the many churches across the country to be able to be a blessing in the name of Jesus in similar ways, or in their own unique and creative ways.

The beauty of a place like Bontleng is reflected in the people who live and meet here, who see and envision more in the land and in the people around them. When Jesus-loving individuals come together as a community to serve their neighbors there is a reality to the words of Jesus: “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put in under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-16). The darkness of the park that allows weak individuals to target strangers and neighbors alike with violence and fear is no match for the light of Jesus, reflected by God’s people in Gaborone. Please pray that this project would see God’s people coming together in unity to be a blessing to their neighbors, and that others would be inspired to do the same.


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They wanted canada goose to kidnap Canada Goose Outlet me. That is the only logical cheap canada goose jacket conclusion I can draw. They wanted to open the car door. The leather jacket is one canada goose black friday sale thing that every biker wants, and it creates an impact on the onlookers. However, many people focus on the leather canada goose clearance aspect and not at the size factor. If it looks cool, it doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

“Generally, I don’t believe we would question an expenditure.” FEC spokesman Eiland said the FEC stopped auditing expenses under pressure from Congress in 1979. “Congress said don’t do them anymore,” Eiland said. Sen. Rowling spent Canada Goose sale her days in local cafes, sipping strong coffee and writing in longhand the first draft of the first Harry Potter. Maria Ines Augiar was the school’s assistant director and became a close friend, remembering Rowling as a “very nervous person, anxious” and one who was “desperate for love”. Only after she had been resident in the country for 18 months did Rowling find love, albeit briefly, with Jorge Arantes, a dashing journalism student three years her junior..

The double layered fabric provided a light outer cheap Canada Goose layer for mild winter days. It also features a hidden back pocket for extra storage and discreet reflective patches. However, the hood isn’t waterproof or windproof, which is Canada Goose Jackets a downside.. When the river is higher than that, constantly fighting the heavy current is a chore and doesn suit my fishing style. For the past month or so, however, the river has been running from Canada Goose online 6 to 7 feet at Mapleton, so I done my smallmouth fishing from the riverbank so far this spring. Fortunately, I found a couple of spots that fish well from the shore during those ample springtime water levels, which have produced some grand fishing so far this year..

The male’s call is a rising whistle, jeeeeee; cheap canada goose sale the females utter a drawn out, rising squeal, do weep do weep, when flushed, and a sharp cr r ek, cr e ek for an alarm call.[4]Their breeding cheap canada goose outlet habitat is wooded swamps, shallow lakes, marshes or ponds, and creeks in eastern North America, the west coast of the United States and western Mexico. They usually nest in cavities in trees close to water, although they will take advantage of nesting boxes in wetland locations if available. Females line their nests with feathers and other soft materials, and the elevation provides some protection from predators.[5] Unlike most other ducks, the wood duck has sharp claws for perching in trees and can, in southern regions, produce two broods in a single season the Canada Goose Parka only North American duck that can do so.[4].

The 19 year old Christian Combs has gained global recognition by performing under the stage name “King Combs” and through his CYN leadership role, where he oversees. 16, 2018″ > >Tom Bergin Irish pub is not closing. It just reducing its hours and closing its kitchenJenn HarrisOn Sunday, Tom Bergin’s Public House, the famed Irish pub on Fairfax Avenue, will reduce its bar hours and close its kitchen, according to the pub’s owner Derek Schreck.

TaxonomyLike all living organisms, the collared dove is classified according to its physical characteristics. This is known as its taxonomy. The upper parts are pale buff, with a pale pink to buff breast and belly. However, customer traffic decline dragged down performance over the entire period. All other metrics improved. By region, comp store sales in Europe declined in line with the overall group.

When it comes to choosing between leather and textile, the former is more chic and offers superior impact protection, but is not waterproof. Textiles have the redeeming qualities of being more flexible and providing better linked site sensitivity at the controls. You may canada goose store also want to consider a pair with extra reinforcement at the thumb forefinger joint that wears quickly and additional layers on the palm to diffuse vibration.

Our general approach is to reflect on what we take and ask ourselves the question: Do I really need that?When you start talking about insulation, you need to understand a couple of factors. You need to understand the type of insulation, the of the insulation, and the amount of insulation in a garment. It is also important to factor in your other layering garments, your activity level, canada goose outlet sale and your personal comfort level.Type of insulation is either down or synthetic.