His pretty face hung down on his neck like a man both penitent

Exhibiting his penchant for thievery at this early age, he stole the cattle. He cleverly padded their feet to muffle the sound, and also drove 50 of them backwards, so as to muddle their tracks and make it hard to follow. Never forgetting to appease the Gods, he stopped at the Alpheios river to make his first sacrifice, killing and offering two cows from the herd..

The fatties got turned first. Unusually for the trope, they are not played as any more of a threat than normal zombies, just as a punchline. Death by Cameo: Bill Murray, taken out by accident by Colombus. Skepticism Failure: Hank is not only a skeptic, he publishes Modern Skeptic magazine, and of course his doubt toward conspiracy theories quickly gets disproven when he encounters a real one in the show. This appears to be the only real reason he begins as a professional skeptic, with a dramatic contrast. Stupid Jetpack Hitler: It is strongly implied the Nazis were conducting some sort of genetic engineering experiment which may have resulted in a demonic child.

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