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During his career, he had 256 strikeouts in just 380.3 total innings. His K/9IP was 6.06, which was higher than the National League average at that time. In 1957 he finished in the National League top ten for games pitched, winning percentage, and hit batsmen.


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This marks a watershed moment for the 38 year old and her hunky

Was not hard for me to wear a black dress. At all It a pretty overwhelming and thrilling ceremony and to hear the extraordinary solidarity for gender equality both in Hollywood which has this really ospicious opportunity to lead and across all industries in our country it been a very special night. I feel quite gitty.

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I hope Bochy sits both Ishikawa

Personally, he has meltdowns when he faces adversity. He is not cool or calm. You can see his frustration and he wears it. I hope Bochy sits both Ishikawa


Efforts there included bidding on gift baskets

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A person as the embodiment of distinctive traits of mind and

Zoom’s G1on offers 75 guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb and amp models. In addition, there are 68 built in rhythm accompaniment patterns, and you can connect headphones to the output jack (as well as portable music players to the auxiliary input jack) for silent practice sessions. There’s an onboard chromatic tuner that supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings, and a Looper feature that enables you to record up to 30 seconds of CD quality audio.

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Banyak coklat cip pulak tu. Korang dah cuba belum? Kalau boleh meh whatsapp sis dekat 60177195042/PmCMW
Jangan menyesal dikemudian hari tau. Hehehe. I didn’t see this article posted on here so I thought I’d share it… Some good info here about what’s been going on and what the near future holds…

My favorite thing in here is hearing that Matt Moore is in AZ and has already started working with out new pitching coach… 2 zzph

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Then, Rick Cerone hammered a lead-off triple. Bucky Dent grounded out and Cerone was unable to advance. Willie Randolph walked. 2016 “So Close But Yet So Far” Tournament

(32 teams who for one reason or another came up short either in not making or not winning the World Series)

Higher Winning % is home team

Home team selects whether the pitcher hits or to use the Designated Hitter*

*Note: American League home teams in the DH Era (1973-Present) may or may not select to use the DH

(1) 1931 Philadelphia A’s (107-45)
(2) 1912 New York Giants (103-48)
(3) 1946 Boston Red Sox (104-50)
(4) 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers (100-54)
(5) 1908 New York Giants (98-56)
(6) 1960 New York Yankees (97-57)
(7) 1919 Chicago White Sox (88-52)
(8) 1962 San Francisco Giants (103-62)
(9) 2004 New York Yankees (101- 61)
(10) 1949 Boston Red Sox (96-58)
(11) 1948 Boston Red Sox (96-59)
(12) 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers (102-63)
(13) 1978 Boston Red Sox (99-64)
(14) 1987 Detroit Tigers (98-64)
(15) 1968 St. Louis Cardinals (97-65)
(16) 1993 Philadelphia Phillies (97-65)
(17) 1984 Chicago Cubs (96-65)
(18) 1975 Boston Red Sox (95-65)
(19) 2001 New York Yankees (95-65)
(20) 1986 Houston Astros (96-66)
(21) 1987 Toronto Blue Jays (96-66)
(22) 1996 Atlanta Braves (96-66)
(23) 2011 Texas Rangers (96-66)
(24) 1986 Boston Red Sox (95-66)
(25) 2002 San Francisco Giants (95-66)
(26) 2003 Boston Red Sox (95-67)
(27) 1991 Atlanta Braves (94-68)
(28) 1980 Houston Astros (93-70)
(29) 1964 Philadelphia Phillies (92-70)
(30) 1969 Chicago Cubs (92-70)
(31) 1986 California Angels (92-70)
(32) 2003 Chicago Cubs (88-74)

Round of 32 (1 G Playoff)
Round of 16 (Best of 3 G Series)
Round of 8 (Best of 5 G Series)
Round of 4 (Best of 7 G Series)
Round of 2 (Best of 9 G Series)

5th and Final Round (Best of 9 Game Series – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 1)

(14) 1987 Detroit Tigers (98-64)

1. Jack Morris (B XZ)