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They played a game against the Chicago White Sox, and manager Cap Anson, said if he played, his team wouldn’t take the field. Well he played, and did great. But at the end of the year, they came an agreement, that only white players could play professionally.

The Boston sluggers have each driven in 50 runs and are second only to the duo of Johnny Callison and Richie Allen of Philadelphia who have combined for a total of 101 to lead the majors cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagracheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra .

Game Notes:

* Baltimore’s Wally Bunker has served up 16 home runs this season; tied for 2nd most in the AL.

* Boston hurler Bill Spanswick picked up his first big league hit in tonight’s game cheap Viagracheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagracheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra . He also gave up a couple of homers as well, including one to fellow moundsman, Wally Bunker. Of the six home runs he has allowed this year, two have been to pitchers. 1 vyrn

This was Welch’s 2nd HBP of the game without surrendering a hit Fake medicineFake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake ViagraFake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra Fake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra . It was followed by….(after 2 13-14’s) Terry Puhl’s 53-15… HBP #3. Selon la rgle, 2 cits ne peuvent pas tre adjacentes mis part Noctis Ville. J’imagine que dans ce cas le texte de la carte prvaut sur la rgle, mais j’aimerais m’en assurer. Fake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake ViagraFake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra Fake medicine Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra … Merci de vos rponses..

The Blue Jays home jersey, mainly white with blue detail and lettering, included a Blue Jays patch on the left sleeve. The Blue Jays away jersey, however featured the same design, but in blue. The Phillies team name in blue script remained across the chest, and the players retained their classic blue hat with a white P.

In 1945, the Philadelphia Phillies abandoned the idea of calling their team the Blue Jays..

The Business of Waiting, or, Waiting to Exile

The Business of Waiting, or, Waiting to Exile

When we first started seriously thinking about moving to Africa I thought in my North American mentality that we would be making a huge viagra canada difference almost immediately. How could we not? We had a great organization behind us who supported us not only administratively but also prayerfully and made us feel a part of a family. We had wonderful churches sending us out, who were just as excited as we were. We had wonderful family and friends who never gave us a hard time for deciding to go, and as a bonus I left employment where the people were so supportive, encouraging and excited and who gave me a wonderful send off which made it hard to leave, but also another prompting from God saying ‘go’. Nathan too had a wonderful and Godly boss who allowed flexibility in his time schedule to go to training and all the blessings he gave us before we left. How could I not feel we were going to do wonderful work and accomplish so much, we had a huge support!

Have any of the above factors changed? No, not at all, they have only increased. Have I changed my mentality? Absolutely! Do I still think this was the right decision to move to Africa? I without a doubt believe it was the right decision.
Upon being here for 6 months, looking at it from a North American perspective I might feel we haven’t done anything, at least compared to the elaborate designs I made up in my own mind. We lived with a wonderful family for a month, we went to South Africa and met up with our wonderful team members and met more wonderful people, we got to work on a house that was in rough shape but now feels like home, we got a wonderful visit from our parents and executive director, we got to spend Easter camping on the edge of the Kalahari with thousands of other people and we are now living in a constant state of not knowing what the next day will bring.
Now if I look at it from the way I saw it: I lived with a family who I had never met before, who laughed at me while I tried to learn Tswana. Who I thought were making fun of me constantly. I tried food I never thought I would eat and went to funeral prayers and wedding preparations with customs I never knew. While trying to understand a language that I couldn’t distinguish where one word ended and the other began but I was hearing sounds I was fairly confident my mouth would never make. I had a few break down moments when I didn’t think I could live there any longer or to be in Africa at all.
We then moved back home just in time to pack up and leave to go to South Africa to experience a whole new set of new (I have a hard time with change, I say I like change, but in the moment I don’t; I like change only when it becomes normal and I look back on it and say, “hey, that was a big change, eh” and then I chuckle all the while thinking never again). We are there with a lot of new people with a whole new set of names to remember and they all seem to know exactly what is going on. They all know the songs and are singing without words on a sheet or book, I’m trying to fake it the best I can and secretly hoping no one looks at me and figures me out. Everyone seems excited about a competition that comes at the end and a talent show, I am dreading both because I have no idea what they involve and I don’t want to look silly, plus talent? I don’t have a talent, no one wants to watch me read silently for 10 minutes.
Then we come home to see a house in a constant state of mess. With an office that has exploded over everything and spare bedrooms uninhabitable, with visitors coming in a bit less than a month. We are fixing, hanging, cleaning, scrubbing and shopping for the visit. We then get to see familiar faces of Nathan’s parents as they come off the plane and tears start coming (I compose myself before they clear customs). Then our Executive Director comes but don’t let the impressive and imposing title fool you, we call him Tim and it was another friendly and familiar face.
The craziness started the week mom and dad came and increased the week Tim came. Non-stop visits and meetings and the talk of potential possibilities of great work to be done. I am exhausted! I was married into the Dirks family I did not inherit the Dirks out-going inexhaustible gene they all process and wonderful people skills with energy that seems to build off itself when used at high rates. More names and faces to remember and more possibilities to sort through, my brain was ready to explode.
Easter came and we were off to go camping. Easter is my favourite holiday but needless to say I was not completely excited to go and experience something completely new with thousands of people from all around Botswana. We went to Spiritual Healing Easter celebration in Matsiloje on the edge of the Kalahari. There were all night prayers and late night choir concerts, soccer games, and lots of baths in a little tent room. Once again lots of names and faces to remember, with plenty of new customs to sort out.
The excitement of not knowing what the next day will hold comes from the fact we are illegally in the country of Botswana. Check that one off the life to do list. The government of Botswana has rejected our Resident Permits and we are now trying to navigate our way through the process of appealing. There is a very real possibility of being kicked out at any time.
Through the last 6 months I experienced some very low lows but I experienced a lot of highs as well. I have been able to see the landscape of Botswana and meet a lot of wonderful people. I was adopted into a family that I love very much, and were able to have our sister of the same family live with us for the month mom and dad Dirks were here and Tim. I was able to see the beautiful landscape of South Africa and beautiful beaches with great people at the retreat (I also can pretend to know all the songs off by heart easier now). Also, Nathan won the competition at the end of the retreat and won the Goulet Award (I am very proud). We got to see are parents and receive guidance from their time of living here in Botswana. We are blessed with the relationships they built and grew here and who are now here to support and grow us. We were able to talk and discuss our role here on Botswana with Tim our Executive Director that helped us sift through all the possibilities.
We got to spend Easter to focus in on Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us, so we can be here in Africa trying to do His will, and to further God’s Kingdom. Through all the headache of the resident permits we have received great blessings from family and friends back home, as well as the churches and Mennonite Church Canada, but beyond that we have grown into a closer relationship with the AIC (African Independent Churches) here, who have rallied around us and provide prayer support and relationship support in brain storming ideas of how to help us to stay. The youth in Spiritual Healing and St. Michael’s Churches have welcomed us in so openly that we couldn’t imagine not staying.
So, the business of waiting. The business of waiting is Gods business. It feels like we have had the worry and stress for the residents permits for too long, and we are constantly in the state of waiting to be able to plan anything long term without knowing if we will actually be here or not. We are waiting to accomplish the great things we thought of doing. We are waiting for the language to become familiar to us. We are waiting for people to be familiar to us. We are waiting basically not to be the “new” people anymore. We are waiting for the customs to be familiar. With all this waiting, we have be able to experience wonderful things, landscapes, people, teachings and we have grown in our relationship with God. We have always known that God is in all things but we have been forced to live in Faith that he can make all things right and that His plan is always better than ours. That we are called not to understand His plan but we have been called to simply have faith and believe in His plan. No matter how our time in Botswana ends we know He had a purpose for us being here and have been blessed much because of it.
The business of waiting has helped me focus on the only thing that is important. That God is faithful to those who are faithful and to trust in Him.

Happy VB-Day

Happy VB-Day

Yesterday, after a sunrise rock climbing session at Kgale Hill with a friend, I headed over to the Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs offices in the centre of town. Between this building and the Universal Immigration facility north-east of Gaborone I had spent a good number of hours reasoning with immigration officials, filling out paperwork, filling out the same paperwork again and again, and especially waiting in line. Despite being dressed like a grub and smelling like a baboon (literally, since the rocks we had been climbing were heavily populated by baboons and their by-products) going first thing in the morning meant beating the rush and was very much worth it regardless of the state of my personal hygiene.

It had been nearly fifty separate occasions that Taryn and I had visited the two offices, almost always with negative results, so it was almost more of a formality at this point to just go and check in. However, this time was different, as the young, friendly official at the desk looked up and recognized me.

“After you left last time someone brought your file to the desk,” she said, leaning over and pulling out our familiar pink application folder from a stack beside her. The file had initially contained the ten pages of our first application which we had sent from Niagara-on-the-Lake in September. Now it was bulging with an untold number of pages and a few different sets of different passport sized photos of Taryn and I. No matter how much paperwork we had filled out, there had always seemed to be more that was needed. But the reemergence of the file was now a positive. We had been waiting for the results of our appeal, after our previous applications had been rejected. We had heard by word of mouth that it had been approved, though we had yet to see the evidence.

“Sign here, please.” I signed the paper she gave me, and was handed four simple forms, two for each of us, with our pictures stapled to the tops. We had been approved as legal residents of Botswana until May of 2016.

It’s been a huge relief to Taryn and I, after the past few months of uncertainty. We’ve really appreciated all of the support, and all of the prayers. God has been very good to us. It’s actually more incredible than we would have initially thought. These days every non-Botswana citizen seems to be having the same troubles, especially people claiming to be volunteering with churches. There have been many people coming into the country as church ‘volunteers’, only to be making huge amounts of money through promises to local Christians that giving to their church will result in exponentially greater financial blessings. These prosperity teachings have led to justifiable suspicion of foreigners representing churches. It is actually now very difficult for anyone to get a long-term residence permit, even for people who have been here for decades, or were born here but are not citizens, and we are thankful and humbled to have received ours. Now we feel settled, there seems to be a number of doors opening, and we would appreciate more prayer and support for discernment.

Bible studies have begun with the young adults at St. Michael’s Apostolic Church in a part of Gaborone called Broadhurst. They are a vibrant congregation who are a mix of traditional (with all-night prayer services, dancing in church, and long services) and modern (huge speakers with blaring music from the worship leaders, one pastor preaching per service). They’re blessed with a group of wise, Jesus-loving ministers who preach great sermons and who empower their youth, training them to preach and encouraging them to visit other congregations to learn that different places have different things to offer when it comes learning how to serve and worship God. We meet with the young adult leaders every second Friday, where we have a Bible study and prepare to lead the larger group of youth. The next day we have the larger youth study, followed by hanging out and playing volleyball. The studies have been based on a series by Francis Chan called BASIC, which deals with the fundamentals of our faith, and which we are using to bring up issues specific to our context in Botswana (last week, during “Fear God”, we discussed whether the spirits of the ancestors should also be feared, a big issue). Please pray that the studies would go well, and that young adults would really be captivated by studying the Bible.

We are also beginning to speak to the leaders at Kgolagano College, a Christian college here in Gaborone with which Mennonites have been connected for a number of years. They are interested in a closer relationship, and we have been speaking about Taryn helping out with their Human Resources, including helping to develop an HR program for the school. We also discussed teaching possibilities for me. Since there are apparently a number of students from the Indigenous Churches this could be a possibility, and could also create opportunities for further education for some of our young adult leaders. Please help us to discern how far to pursue this relationship.

There are some interesting opportunities for community development projects for the young adults which we have been looking into. One which may be taking off, but which we are approaching cautiously, has to do with helping the Botswana Football Association with football (soccer) development for youth and children. We are looking into the possibility of starting a futsal (5-a-side, or pad soccer as it’s known elsewhere) facility to attract youth, and having our young adult leaders work with them with social issues, Bible studies, as well as football skills. This one would become a big project, and we want to make sure that it is the right thing for the young adults and for us. Please pray that God would make it clear if we should pursue this, and that if so a strong group of young adult leaders would emerge to take charge of the project.

Finally, there are some smaller projects that we are looking in to. I have been building some raised garden beds for urban vegetable gardening, and I’m thinking about some possible chicken coop designs as well. While these would be good opportunities in regards to the government’s current poverty eradication and self-sustainability plans, there would have to be some young adults to really jump into it to make these agricultural projects take off. Taryn is also looking into clothing and food drives, which some of the young women have spoken about doing. Again, all of these things really depend on the young adults wanting to take charge and bless their community, and that depends on hearts and minds being transformed. We believe that it’s only God who can transform us into people who love and serve each other, and that God’s word can teach us these values as followers of Jesus. Please pray that we would be people who are sold out for Jesus, and that we’d be able to be a part of a community of people here in Gaborone who are as well!

So, things are going well, and we’re excited to see where it all leads. Happy Victory in Botswana Day, and thanks for being a part of it!


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Staying with this last layer of painful feelings

Staying with this last layer of painful feelings is the hardest part of the grief process. Only way out is through, we say in therapy. It hard to stay at that level of shame and loneliness; but as we embrace these feelings, we come out the other side.

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Exactly 60 days after Babe Ruth hit his single-season record 60th home run.

Babe Ruth had 170 K in 1916. He did not allow a single HR. This remains a RedSox record for most K in a season without allowing a HR.

Babe Ruth, home runs hit by position:
Pitcher: 16
First base: 6
Left field: 317
Center field: 27
Right field: 347
Pinch hitter: 1

Babe Ruth, HR by batting order position:
1st: 0
2nd: 0
3rd: 553
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5th: 1
6th: 1
7th: 1
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9th: 10

Yankees Babe Ruth had 119 XBH in 1921. 3 nhbn

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Test Chez un ami. Coopratif A 6 joueurs ! 7h15 la partie, Pour perdre dans les tout derniers moments… XD

C’tait la 1re partie pour quasi tout le monde, aprs quelques rglages de rgles ncessaire, le jeu tait beaucoup plus fluide.
J’ai plut?t apprci la mcanique.

I’ve been playing a Replay of 86′. June 11th for AL, June 8th NL.
AL East Leader Toronto 39-20
AL West Leader California 34-24
NL East Leader New York 34-18
NL West Leader Houston 32-22
Al/NL Leaders:
HR J.Presley Sea 21…K. McReynolds SD 18
RBI Presley/J.Carter Cle.


If they do sign him, he should be a utility 3B/1B coming off

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Hello åȥԥ les ludicopains, Х questions åȥԥ rgles pour INNOVATION.(chos)
1ERE: j’ai une Х carte active possdant åȥԥ un Х cho. Τѥ La pile n’est pas dcale. J’active Х cette åȥԥ carte: Х je fait l’cho puis le Τѥ dogme, ou seulement le dogme?

2EME: une carte active possdant 2 dogmes.